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What Sets Us Apart

At Henn Orthodontics, our mission is to provide our patients with the best care possible. We believe we DO that in many ways.

  • We treat the face first. While traditional orthodontic treatment has focused primarily on “a good bite,” we believe that our primary objective is to create a beautiful smile and enhance facial aesthetics while improving the bite.
  • A beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. We always evaluate and treat the smile on a micro level. We reshape teeth and change their proportions, evaluate smile lines, and can re-contour the gum line to help make the best smile possible.
  • We create beautiful faces for a lifetime. Orthodontic treatment affects how the face looks today and how it will look in the future. We understand that the face ages over time, and we take this into serious consideration while deciding your best treatment option.
  • We combine the latest technology with excellent clinical skills and expertise. Not your old-fashioned braces or unreliable aligners. 
  • We can achieve great results in most patients without extraction of permanent teeth or jaw surgery. Extractions are done only when it is an enhancement to the facial features. We never remove teeth just to “fix the bite.”
  • We use low force and low friction braces with high tech wires to move teeth as quickly and with as little pain as possible.
  • We strive to provide our patients with excellent communication. We know you play a huge part in your treatment. The result should be a smile you love! We make it a point to address all of your concerns from the beginning. In addition, we want you to always feel comfortable bringing a question or concern to us at any time during treatment.
  • We believe in positive motivation and are always looking for new ways to keep our patients involved in and excited about this experience.
  • We are truly grateful for all of our wonderful patients and parents that have given us the opportunity to serve them. We hope that outstanding orthodontic treatment will do more than create beautiful smiles — we believe that we can positively change lives!
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