Types of Braces

There are many types of orthodontic braces that are used. In certain cases, Dr. Henn will recommend specific materials which will work better in your circumstance while in other cases you may have a choice. If you do have a strong preference for tooth-colored (clear) brackets, please let us know at your consultation. Please keep in mind that Dr. Henn is vested in the most efficient and caring treatment available, and he feels his technology is some of the best available. Comparing different types of braces and systems is not always the best as we now know that Orthodontics and the way we move teeth has changed. Below are the most common types of braces:

Self-ligating Braces (WHAT WE USE!!!)

Self-ligating braces are the most current form of new technology braces that patients can receive. These braces have been designed to make orthodontic treatment as efficient as possible and they are very comfortable. Self-ligating braces can be made out of premium grade stainless steel or ceramic. By utilizing the most current technology, Dr. Henn feels he can bring the best outcome possible in the most efficient and comfortable way.


Ceramic Self-ligating Braces (CLEAR OPTION)

Ceramic braces are a great option for people who are worried about how they will be perceived with braces. They are made out of clear materials and look almost invisible which makes ceramic braces the leader in options for adults and older teenagers. One drawback is that these braces tend to be a bit larger than the metal braces making it not the best option for the lower teeth. Often times, ceramic braces are placed on the top teeth with metal braces on the lower teeth. The self-ligating technology is still available in these esthetic brackets an the same amazing results can be achieved as previously described.


Clear Aligners are practically invisible. This type of brace consists of teeth straightening aligners that are removable. While you are eating and drinking you can take them out to avoid having food caught in them, making your dental hygiene process much easier. A series of clear plastic aligners are utilized to create tooth movement. Moving teeth with removable aligners is not new. Clear aligners are recommended for orthodontic situations with mild to moderate spacing or crowding. They are virtually undetectable, easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are unique in that they are placed on the tongue side of your teeth. They are typically metal as well but they are placed behind your teeth so that they are not as noticeable.


Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common form of braces that patients can see SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN Henn Orthodontics. These types of braces require rubber bands to hold the wire in place. Metal braces are made out of premium grade stainless steel. This is the most common type of brace seen in the world, but not one that Dr. Henn likes to use. Dr. Henn rarely uses a traditional metal brace because he feels the Self-Ligating brace previously described utilizes the most current technology that can be a huge benefit to his patients allowing for faster and more comfortable treatment. The rubber bands used in traditional braces can create a lot of friction that requires the doctor to push very hard to get the teeth to move. This can cause great pain, can even make the teeth stop moving for a week or two, and can lead to unwanted tooth movement requiring braces to be worn for a longer time. Please ask us more about our amazing technology on our next visit!

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