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Welcome to Henn Orthodontics! With over 16 years of delivering beautiful healthy smiles, Dr. Henn is here to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. Experience a modern and advanced way of moving teeth as compared to traditional (old fashioned) braces. Our state of the art technology and self-ligating brackets allow us to create beautiful smiles in a healthy, gentle, and efficient way. We use super light forces to move your teeth, which research shows, can result in less pain and faster overall treatment compared to traditional braces. Most of our patients will tell you that they've experienced little to no pain at all, and that they were able to start smiling much sooner than they expected. We also offer our technology in clear braces and Invisalign or Clear Aligners to make your treatment practically invisible AND fast! 

Going to the orthodontist should be a positive experience, allowing for fun, while yielding outstanding results. We expect our technology and Dr. Henn's expertise to help you finish your treatment faster and with less pain compared to traditional braces. We continue to strive to present that experience to all of our patients. We remain devoted to the highest quality of orthodontics and amazing results. To learn more about us, our braces, our technology and the other orthodontic treatments that we provide, please contact us today for you free smile assessment. It's only a phone call away!


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Dr. Henn is amazing with the kids. The staff made them both feel very comfortable and safe. I'd recommend them over any other orthodontist!!"
  • "Absolutely loved my experience at Henn Orthodontics! Everyone was friendly, helpful, and understanding. I had my braces done somewhere else but came to Dr. Henn for help with my retainers, and for the first time I felt like my mouth was actually in good hands! I cannot recommend them enough!"
  • "Such an amazing orthodontist!! We went to 3 different orthodontists before a friend recommended Dr. Henn. He avoided unnecessary and extreme treatment while having my son's teeth straightened quickly. The staff there is unbelievably amazing!!"
  • "Wow! This was my exact thought as I left Henn Orthodontics for the first time. Everyone in the office is so friendly. Dr. Henn answered all our questions (we had a few) with the patience of a saint. If you want cutting edge technology this is the only place to go. I can't wait to see my daughter's beautiful new smile."
  • "I just can't say enough about HENN ORTHODONTICS! Dr. Henn and all the ladies there...are AWESOME! We recommend them to anyone! Thank you, Dr. Henn for our daughter's beautiful smile!"
  • "I have had an awesome experience with Dr. Henn. I thought I was too old for braces (50's) and found out I was not! I have had little to no pain, and am so happy I made this decision to straighten my teeth."
  • "Awesome office! I was told I would need braces for 16-18 months at another office but Dr. Henn gave me a beautiful smile and great bite in 7 months! I really had no pain either which is something I was nervous about. Thanks Dr. Henn, I love my smile!"

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