Life With Braces

Your first day with braces

Your teeth and lips may feel a little sore when you first get your braces. It may feel like a struggle to eat your favorite foods so it is recommended to avoid eating certain foods to relieve your mouth and teeth of additional pressure. Warm salt water helps to relieve the soreness in the first few days. We recommend you take a common pain reliever like Ibuprofen as needed but just for the first day or so. Wax on the braces can also help to lessen the irritation of the mouth, lips and cheeks until the mouth is accustomed to having braces. The first week, your teeth may feel "loose", but it is nothing to be alarmed about. The teeth must become "loose" in order to start moving into the right position and will become "sturdy" again when they are in their new correct spot.

The really neat thing though is that because we are able to utilize super light forces to move your teeth, a majority of our patients have little to no pain at all. We love our "no tightenings" approach!

While wearing your braces

Creating your beautiful smile means that you will have to live life a little bit differently but will be well worth it. Certain areas of your life which you may have to modify include eating, dental care and playing sports. We will provide you with information regarding which foods you should avoid during orthodontic care. If you are active in athletics, we can provide appropriate mouthguards if needed.

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