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One of the most common orthodontic treatments is with braces, and in today's world braces have made many advances. Getting the Henn Braces System can be an exciting and rewarding experience because you can expect your smile faster and with much more comfort. Only about 10% of the orthodontic world use technology similar to ours and Dr. Henn has it mastered. Our braces can help to eliminate problems such as under bite, spacing, protruding teeth, crowding and cross bite in a much shorter timeframe as compared to traditional braces. We can eliminate when other orthodontists might think extractions or surgery is necessary too. Our advanced braces are used to align your teeth for a beautiful, straight smile and a healthy, lifelong bite. Who wants to be in braces for a long time anyway?

Our superior orthodontic treatment consists of advanced brackets that are “glued” to the teeth. High-tech gentle archwires are then strategically attached to the brackets without the "tightening" of traditional braces. It is the job of our special archwires to place a constant gentle pressure on the teeth to move them into their correct position AND to minimize extra tooth movements that can result in longer treatment times (like you might see with traditional braces). When your teeth are in the right position and you have an amazing smile, you will not only experience better dental and overall health benefits, you will also have the smile you always wanted.

There are many types of braces and ways to treat your crooked smile. You can read more about the different types of braces in our Types of Braces section.

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